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Some Information About Human Hair Extensions

November 20, 2015



Some Information about Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are items that some women use to make their hair look longer than it actually is. Human hair extensions are made with real human hair. Some women prefer human hair extensions instead of fake hair extensions because human hair extensions can blend into a woman’s own hair better than fake hair extensions. Human hair extensions are usually more expensive than fake hair extensions.

There are a number of reasons why some women use human hair extensions. Human hair extensions can be treated like real hair in some ways. Human hair extensions can be washed, shampooed, and conditioned. They can be blow dried, curled, and styled, as well. Also, flat irons can be used on human hair extensions. Some fake hair extensions may be durable enough for flat iron usage, but some fake hair extensions may melt if a flat iron is used on them. Human hair extensions can be colored. Coloring may damage some fake hair extensions. Human hair extensions can be woven into a woman’s hair or they can be clipped near a woman’s scalp.

Human hair extensions are very durable, and they may continue to look nice for a long time. But eventually, a woman who may have human hair extensions may decide that it is time to remove her extensions because, over time, human hair extensions may start to loosen. Loosening sometimes happens because the weaved or clipped parts of the hair extensions may move away from a woman’s scalp as a woman’s own hair grows out. Human hair extensions can remain in a woman’s hair without looking awkward for a longer time than fake hair.


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